2.1 Apply the principal requirements of radiation protection management

Recommended Items of Training

  1. Analyze the policies for protection and safety as laid down in the radiation safety programme of the local department and compare to legislative requirements and international standards such as ICRP.
  2. Compile a list of all local documents on radiation protection and compare with relevant international standards.
  3. Interpret legislative requirements for the local department in relation to:
      • type of treatment units and/or radioactive sources
      • patient and staff safety
      • issues raised in previous reviews (if existing) and actions taken
  4. Critically review local radiation safety related administrative and management procedures. Make recommendations.
  5. Review and summarize any state or national legislative body’s audit of the department or hospital

Training, Evidence and Notes

Safety Documents

(In order of increasing <geographical> scope)

  • (WAHS) Radiation Safety Manual
  • NSW EPA Radiation Control Act and Radiation Control Regulations
  • ARPANSA Radiation Protection Series 1
  • IAEA Safety Standard Series 115
  • ICRU Report 60
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