3.1 Use of ionisation chambers for relative and absolute determination of absorbed dose to water in radiotherapy beams

Recommended Items of Training:

  1. Gain an understanding of :
      • Selection criteria for type of ionization chamber
      • The quantities to be measured and units of measurement
      • Influence effects on the measured quantity (air density, recombination, polarity, warm-up, stem effects, leakage, humidity)
      • Correction factors for:
        • influence effects
        • radiation quality
        • Perturbation effects such as caused by the chamber cavity, chamber wall, central electrode, or by the replacement of medium by the chamber
  2. Prepare a report on this understanding .
  3. Perform dose measurements with a range of ionization chambers to demonstrate understanding and correct application of the characteristics given above.
  4. Perform procedures under examination conditions with qualified ROMPs

Training, Evidence and Notes

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