3.3 Perform absolute dose determination in external beam radiotherapy according to established protocols

Recommended Training

  1. Review and report on history and development of absolute dose determination for external beam radiotherapy.
  2. Gain a full understanding of the IAEA TRS398 Code of Practice and it’s applications. Write a brief summary of the essential features for x-ray and electron beams.
  3. Explain differences between TRS 398 and other current protocols for MV and kV x-ray beams.
  4. Determine the radiation quality for different types of radiation.
  5. Perform determinations of absorbed dose under reference conditions using the TRS 398 Code of Practice for different types of beams in the department.
  6. Perform cross calibration procedures for photons and electrons.
  7. Analyse the uncertainty of dose calibration.
  8. Perform procedures under examination conditions with qualified ROMPs.

Training, Evidence and Notes

  • Down Day training Program
  • Photon chamber cross calibration and absolute dose determination (August 2008)
  • Electron chamber cross calibration and absolute dose determination (September 2008)
  • TG-51 summery
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