3.6 Monitor the accuracy of dose planned and delivered to individual patients and patient groups (std and special tx)

Recommended Items of Training

  1. Undertake a literature review on the advantages and disadvantages of an in-vivo dosimetry programme and choice of dosimeter.
  2. Review an in-vivo dosimetry programme in line with national and international best practice.
  3. Perform regular in-vivo dosimetry measurements in the clinic.
  4. Write up a case study reports for various sites, including:
    1. lens of the eye
    2. in field measurements for
      • kilovoltage x-ray beams
      • megavoltage x-ray beams
      • electron beams
  5. Perform (where possible) or review, in-vivo dosimetry measurements for special techniques e.g. TBI, TSEI, IMRT. including write up case study report).
  6. Assist in improvement and/or implementation of an in-vivo dosimetry programme or design a procedure for this

Training, Evidence and Notes

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