3.7 Manage a QA programme for all dosimetry equipment

Recommended Items of Training

  1. Gain experience in the clinic with QA recommendations for radiation dosimetry equipment such as:
    • Electrometer
    • Ionization chambers and Diodes
    • Thermometer, Barometer
    • Water phantom system
    • TLD system
    • Film densitometer/scanner
  2. Perform QC checks for dosimetry equipment (including ionization chambers, TLD, solid state detectors, film) according to a QA programme.
  3. Review and suggest improvements for a QA programme for dosimetry equipment.
  4. Review the requirements for quality assurance of an in-vivo dosimetry programme. Compare to existing programme.
  5. Check the traceability to a PSDL for a calibration factor(s) used for absolute dose determination

Training, Evidence and Notes

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