4.7 Understand the purpose, advantages and limitations of a range of beam modifiers and techniques in modern RT

Recommended items of Training

  1. Observe and review treatment delivery for :
    • Fixed source-to-surface distance (SSD) technique
    • Fixed source-to-axis distance (SAD) technique (Isocentric)
    • Various beam combinations for different treatment sites
    • Beam shaping devices
    • Wedge filters
    • Bolus
    • Compensators
  2. Observe and review the following treatment techniques:
    • Field matching of various radiation beam types and energies
    • 3D conformal radiotherapy
    • Non-coplanar beam treatment
    • IMRT methods: static, dynamic
    • TBI
    • TSEI
    • IGRT
    • Radiosurgery
    • Stereotactic radiotherapy
  3. Review and report on the advantages of advanced treatment techniques such as:
    • Intraoperative radiotherapy
    • Particle beam treatments
    • Tomotherapy

Training, Evidence and Notes

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