5.2 Perform acceptance testing and commissioning of a RTPS

Recommended Items of Training

  1. Review and report on:
    • The treatment planning process
    • The potential sources and magnitude of errors associated with:
      • Patient data
      • Beam data
      • Manual and computer dosimetry calculation algorithms
      • Treatment planning equipment
    • The operation, functionality, performance specification and inventory items of an RTPS
    • Merits and limitations of the range of dose calculation algorithms for photons and electrons
  2. Review the Acceptance and Commissioning tests for the departmental RTPS and compare to the recommendations as specified in IAEA Technical Report Series No. 430 or an equivalent international recommendation as adopted by the department, including:
    • Acceptance testing against equipment specification
    • Commissioning for photon and electron beam planning, including:
      • Verification against measurements
      • Image registration and contouring tools
      • CT density
      • Beam data transferred from acquisition system
      • Beam models in standard and extreme conditions
      • Dosimetry calculations, including MU calculations
      • Reference treatment plans
      • Plan output and transfer

Training, Evidence and Notes

*Guide to photon beam modelling in Pinnacle

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