5.3 Conduct quality control (QC) of a RTPS

Recommended items of Training

  1. Participate in the ongoing QA program used in the department. Record your involvement and results of tests. Include in these tests:
    • Functionality test of hardware and software
    • Geometric and dosimetric accuracy
    • Network integration and data transfer
    • Patient demographic data
    • Security and backup system
    • Treatment machine parameters
    • Calculation parameters
    • Treatment plan report
    • Record and archival
    • Calibration
    • Display and output format
    • Verification against measurements
    • CT density data
    • Beam models in standard and extreme conditions
    • Dosimetry calculations, including MU calculations
    • Treatment plans, including:
      • Dose
      • Dose distribution
      • DVH
      • Anatomical geometry
      • Beam geometry
      • Inhomogeneity correction
      • Plan output and transfer
  2. Report on the Quality Control of:
    • RTPS system
    • Input and output devices
    • Backup system
    • Beam data
    • Patient and image data
    • Body and organ contouring
    • Dose calculation tools
    • Computer network
  3. Review and compare the departmental QC program for the RTPS based on the recommendations as specified in IAEA Technical Report Series No. 430 or an equivalent international recommendation as adopted by the department.
  4. Develop and prepare worksheets for the tests and measurements

Training, Evidence and Notes

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