5.4 Understand the requirements for RTPS system administration
  1. Review the following guidelines, policies and administrative measures for a RTPS:
    • System security, data protection and data backup
    • Assign user rights
    • Operational rules and guidelines
    • Release of new or updated planning data for clinical use
    • Release of new or upgraded computer hardware and software for clinical use
    • Import and export of data
  2. Assist in the management of hardware and software upgrades which should include:
    • Advance notification and consultation with users
    • Distribution of vendor release notes
    • Testing after install
    • Training of users
  3. Review procedures for:
    • System operation and application
    • Training program
    • Data storage and archival
    • Maintenance
    • Operational and functional abnormalities
    • Logbook of events
  4. Gain experience with:
    • Planning data library and manuals
    • Logbook and/or records for:
      • Treatment plans
      • Operational/functional incidents and/or abnormalities
      • All upgrades and updates
      • Maintenance

Training, Evidence and Notes

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