5.8 Perform QC of individual treatment plans
  1. Describe the effects and implications of treatment errors on dose distribution.
  2. Investigate for a variety of treatment sites, including prostate, lung and head and neck tumours, the sources and magnitude of interfraction and intra-fraction treatment errors.
  3. Describe techniques that can be used to minimize inter-fraction and intra-fraction geometric errors for different treatment sites.
  4. Perform assessment and acceptance of treatment plans using a variety of evaluation tools, including:
    • Dose criteria for plan acceptance
    • Dose to the target volumes and critical organs
    • 3D volumetric dose distribution
    • Dose volume histograms
    • Dose conformity indices
    • Biological indices
  5. Perform quality control of individual treatment plans, including:
    • Review/design:
      • QC workflow, procedures and protocols for treatment plans and treatment charts
      • Tolerance limits for interventional action for a range of plans
    • Use of independent dosimetry calculation systems for checking of treatment plans on dose/MU calculation
    • Prepare appropriate QC or phantom plans for dosimetry verification by measurement or computer simulation of a variety of treatment plans, including:
      • Intensity modulated radiotherapy
      • Motion compensated radiotherapy
    • Checking of the integrity of treatment data transfer to the treatment machine
    • Evaluate in-vivo dosimetry measurement data against treatment planning calculations and interpret implications
  6. Supervise and support the physics aspects of treatment planning including:
    • Continued improvement of the treatment planning process and work flow
    • Preparation and implementation of the work procedures and protocols for treatment planning and simulation, record and documentation to meet clinical needs
    • Advice on the proper and efficient use and the limitations of:
      • Beam data and the dose calculation algorithms
      • RTPS and accessory equipment
    • Provide any planning data as required

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