Module 3 External Beam Radiation Dosimetry


To develop the skills, knowledge and expertise required of a radiation oncology medical physicist to work competently and independently in the area of radiation dosimetry for external beam therapy.

Competencies to be acquired

3.1 Use ionisation chambers for relative and absolute determination of absorbed dose to water in radiotherapy beams.

3.2 Perform dose measurements in radiotherapy beams using a range of dosimeters.

3.3 Perform absolute dose determination in external beam radiotherapy according to established protocols.

3.4 Perform relative dose measurements in external beam radiotherapy and relate to absolute dose.

3.5 Perform and analyse dose verification measurements in a phantom to ascertain accuracy and acceptability of a treatment plan.

3.6 Monitor the accuracy of dose planned and delivered to individual patients and patient groups. This applies in standard treatment techniques and in special or new treatment techniques.

3.7 Manage a QA programme for all dosimetry equipment.

Expected Time Commitment

15% - 20% of the entire programme

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