Clinical Duties and Notes TEAP Clinical Training Guide (2008)
MegavoltageTherapy [[ModuleOne|Module 1]]: Clinical Training
KilovoltageTherapy Module 2: Radiation Safety and Protection
TreatmentPlanning Module 3: External Beam Radiation Dosimetry
CT Module 4: External Beam Radiation Therapy
[[Simulator]] [[ModuleFive|Module 5]]: Module 5: External Beam Treatment Planning
RecordVerify [[ModuleSix|Module 6]]: Brachytherapy
SpecialTechniques [[ModuleSeven|Module 7]]: Professional Studies and Quality Management
[[ModuleEight|Module 8]]: Research, Development and Teaching
[[ModuleNine|Module 9]]: Imaging
[[ModuleTen|Module 10]]: Nuclear Medicine
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