Standard Instrument Calibration


Two facilities exist in Australia for Cobalt-60 chamber/meter absorbed-dose-to-water and air-kerma calibrations: ARPANSA and ANSTO. ARPANSA are also able to provide kilovoltage air kerma calibrations as well.

A radiotherapy department should have their standard instrument calibrated every 2-3 years according to TRS398 (or more often if its stability is in question). $k_{Q,Q_0}$, values should be verified every 6 years for MV and kV nK factors should be obtained with the Cobalt-60 calibration as a chamber response to kV can change with time (as well as kV machines changing quality with target wear).

Before and after sending the chamber for calibration, the department should perform all QA so as to be able to ensure the chamber characteristics do not change while it is out of the department.

Services offered in Australia


ARPANSA Radiotherapy calibrations
ARPANSA Factsheets on calibrations


ANSTO Dosimetry Services page

Log of NCCC calibration process

29 Oct 2008

Have contacted ANSTO [Justin Davies, (02) 97179002] and ARPANSA [Duncan Butler, (03) 94332274]. ARPANSA are currently have the cobalt source changed, expecting delivery in Dec and then 3 months to commission before they can calibrate. ANSTO can do the job in February. The plan is to have the cobalt calibration done at ANSTO, then send off to ARPANSA for kV after, as this will be the quickest way to have it all running. Timeline is to have the ND,w factors for all our meters/chambers at MV done by 2 weeks after the 60Co calibration, then send off for kV and have that done by mid-April.

When ANSTO is ready, I will deliver the equipment (90Sr source too) with a purchase order and SSDL agreement form and have a look at the lab.

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